April 27, 2018

A mountain of expectations gone awry..

We have expectations, however small they may be.
We have dreams, however crazy they may be.
We also have a sense of purpose, however inconsequential it may be.
Well, this is not a poem.
But what we are seemingly losing is an ability to judge ourselves which is right and which is wrong.
Just because some popular personality says something, we
For the past several months, there have been so many events that changed the way we look at the world. The world is no longer something that could be saved by a super-hero like leader. The world is also no longer an entity which takes criticism in a positive way.

Coming to the current scenario in India, there came a big split between the centre and the state.
When Modi and Naidu broke up, it was a big news. But more importantly the media ought to point out the reason why it went that way instead of just making noise.
They ought to make sense when they say "TDP dumps BJP". It is nothing more than half baked news.

There is a long history to the decision taken by the TDP to break its ties with BJP and it is not about blackmailing. Many media channels have even went to the extent to say that due to some of personal demands of Naidu not being met by Modi, Naidu broke off their partnership.

In all this political games, it is the people who were compromised. It is the people who suffered the most. And it is the people who have seen their mountains of expectations go down like a crashing meteorite.

That, is the biggest harm that any leader/s could pose to any society.

The only advice to the media and the political class now is simple. In fact very simple: Dont create unreal expectations and try to fool the people when you know it could not be fulfilled.
The result will be faced by the BJP and to a certain extent even TDP for continuing for so long with the central government despite knowing very well that the promises will not be kept in a straightforward way.

With love.. Anil

November 10, 2017

Competing with the best!: "Write India"

There is an ongoing writing competition that is going on, which is called "Write India" and this is sponsored and run by Times of India. While some may have reservations to accept this as the best platform to test and hone your writing skills, many have been taking part in this competition for the past few months with the hope that they will get recognized by the top writers of english literature.

It is into its second season and the craze for this competition has been good.

Each month a passage is revealed by the author of the month with certain rules, and list of winners(usually top 10) is announced after 45 days of the contest's last date. Many people await it with wide eyes, checking for their names! The announcement happens quickly over twitter. I have seen many tweeple getting frustrated and some vowing to not write again, but I beg to differ.
Some people I have interacted with have even went to the extent to demean the platform and said that it only favours a select group of people based on their region or other irrelevant things. This made me think.

Writing is something that takes a lot out of someone's life and energy. To think of a good plot, develop that plot into a story, map out the characters and their details, create logical links between the characters, and then write the actual story(or even a short story) means a lot. To write a proper short story(maximum of 3000 words in this case) is much more difficult than writing a large story.

I believe that this is a platform which not only makes us put our best foot forward into the world of writing, but also teaches us how to respect the hard work of others, the judges and how to keep up the spirits in case we don't get selected among the winners. This spirit is most important and needed the most in the long run because as we keep writing, we need to keep a level headed approach towards the result. We need to first ask ourselves: Are we enjoying our work? Are we enjoying the process of writing a story or a book? If yes, then nothing should really dampen the spirit.

Instead of blaming the judges or authors of showing partiality and getting disheartened, why not take heart from the lost chance and try to better next time?
This "Write India" is a rare opportunity where we can compete on a national level directly without going through the regional levels. It is like playing in the ranji trophy directly without playing the state level competitions! You may not succeed initially, but it gives you a lot to learn and look forward to.

That's been my way of writing and I hope most people agree with me.

Wishing all the writers out there all the best!

With love.. Anil

March 28, 2017

Tears of a Legend

100 million views. The most awaited sequel to the biggest Indian movie. The costliest movie in the history of Indian movie industry. The biggest Indian franchise. A movie coming with the largest release, to be followed with the first VR Live action movie from India.
And there it came. The moment finally came when the promotions took the power that was expected of a big movie, going ahead with full speed.
Once one of the legendary music composers of Indian cinema took to stage and gave a re-rendition of the famous "Yevvadanta yevvadanta.." song, the captain of the ship came up to stage on his request and that was the moment: the moment when I saw the first tear of another legend, caused by the overwhelming emotions created and churned out by the first legend through touching lyrics. I just hoped the tears dont touch the earth so that the earth could remain immune to the immense effect of them! Why?Because those were not ordinary tears: They were the tears which evolved from just a water+salt mix to something so intense, so compressed with ambition that a single drop of that tear would have burnt the earth below! So just wanted the legend to control the flow of that immense pent-up energy so that he could show it in his next non-baahubali project and keep entertaining the society to levels unknown to us!

Citing a few words: "Eyes are not meant for tears and Heart is not meant for fear, Never get upset but always cheer.. Because you are the one who can make people smile for years."

By the way for those still wondering what was this all about, the first legend I talked about is M M Keeravaani(ఎం ఎం కీరవాణి), the second is S S Rajamouli(శ్రీశైల శ్రీ రాజమౌళి), and the event is the pre-release function of the movie "BAAHUBALI: THE CONCLUSION"!.. దండాలయ్యా దండాలయ్యా మా దర్శకుడివి నీవేనయ్యా!

With love.. Anil

March 10, 2017

The post-demonetisation era of digital payments and the irony!

Everyone knew the after effects of the demonetisation on India and the positive impact as well as the negative impact that it had.
But hardly did anyone think about the opportunities that lay unexplored, whether it is for the good intention or the bad. In fact, there were so many instances where merchants accepting digital payments or the customers making cashless payments were taken for a ride.
No doubt people were forced into this digital payment business due to lack of cash during the initial 1-1.5 months of demonetisation, but later the situation improved to such an extent that the ATMs again looked empty despite having the cash.
The biggest irony here is that once things came back to normalcy, there was a sudden dearth of cash in several ATMs and some bank branches. Is this due to the sudden cash flow or due to the uncontrolled printing of notes by RBI or exaggerated demand for cash from certain sections of the society?
It has to be noted that this is how the society behaves. Once the limit on daily withdrawal has been increased significantly, again the people will start to stack up the cash in their homes/offices. This is not unusual since the public's confidence in banks came down during the demonetisation. It is not the note ban itself that caused this distrust, but the fact that the banks were not able to serve the general public with the honesty expected from them. This is due to the few bad apples found in almost all departments and the situation could only get worse until and unless the govt doesnt encourage digital payments even after the availability of cash. How do they do it?
To convince the public that digital payments are better and more beneficial to them, they need to be given incentives: For example doing away with the petrol surcharges, giving cashbacks for digital payments just like how it is being done for fuel stations where a fixed 0.75% cashback is given for every fuel using debit/credit cards. Hope such promotions are given across several merchant locations.
It is here that the BHIM app is really useful and needs to be expanded and enhanced with some attractive features where cashbacks are given on certain categories of transactions.
Anyway, the present situation reminds me of a simple story: The king was given a new security chief since the existing chief has been proved to be corrupt and stealing valuable stuff from the palace. But the new chief is not popular with most of the palace staff since he is too sincere and nothing could go wrong under his supervision. So what did the staff and inmates of the royal palace do? Slowly started the misuse of their rights and brought back the previous chief in disguise. The king could not do much here since the staff are much smarter than him and they wanted to exploit the royal resources as much as they can.
So the moral of the story is that until and unless the people's mindset doesnt change, even a king cannot do anything to root out the malice of corruption and black money which go hand in hand.
The note ban was a temporary measure but the fake notes and money hoarding as well as other ways of black money strive until and unless the govt is not agile enough. Conduct review meets with the RBI and all major banks and track the money that they have in the banks or ATMs and track those dealing in huge amounts of cash. Sadly, this doesnt seem to be happening now since everything has settled and anything related to black money is hardly discussed these days on news channels or in the govt.
So the irony is that despite the hike in usage of digital payments, the usage of cash could actually increase now since the banking network is hardly enough and even if there are enough banks in india they are suffering from the lack of trust in the eyes of public. No one has any idea of what new charges are applied on their own hard earned money in the form of not maintaining AMB(depite the jan dhan yojana being touted as a movement to open crores of "zero-balance" bank accounts, many of those accounts, including those from the govt-owned banks are making it mandatory to maintain a minimum balance). Unless the financial system works in a coherent way and remain constantly in sync with the PM's vision of financial inclusion, any number of demonetisations or remonetisations will yield peanuts.

With love.. Anil

January 09, 2017

Expanding the world of Maahishmati!

Some movies make such a huge impact on you that you start getting into the world in which that movie was set. Baahubali is one of the best examples of how a complete world has been created just for the main kingdom Maahishmati and other smaller kingdoms like Kunthala.
The visual treat was nothing but the best, as is the background music.

Such is the impact of all the characters like Baahubali, Kattappa, Shivagami, Devasena, Bhallaladeva, Avanthika, etc. that I have created my own ebook which has the extension of the movie as imagined by me. Not a big book, but definitely took some time to weave origins story for each of the main characters of the movie. There are so many storylines that could possibly be weaved around Baahubali: The Beginning that my ebook becomes one of the multiverses of them!

For example, there are so many questions left open in the movie like why is Kattappa helpless and completely living like a slave to Bhallaladeva despite he getting an offer of joining hands with Aslam Khan.
The intensity with which Bhallaladeva converses with Devasena as well as her oath to fry him on the pyre set up by her means there is a very intense flashback that must have happened decades ago involving Kattappa, Baahubali, Bhallaladeva and Devasena.

So many questions have been raised(including the biggest puzzle of "why Kattappa killed Baahubali") and those have an answer in the complete Amazon Kindle ebook here:

Maahishmati Kindle ebook on Amazon

Some of the excerpts from the book are below:

Excerpt 1: Athura: The First War:

The sun started to rise a little faster the next morning as the tension remained high. The enemy was baying for blood as their soldiers kept building floating boards to cross the huge river. All their efforts to swing across the river using ropes turned out to be futile as they were punctured by poison-edged thorns coming from people specialized at aiming them. Attacks by wild animals were not uncommon but the enemies warded them off using their shields and weapons.
With a singular aim of wiping off anyone who are not from their faith and establishing their caliphate, the thirst of their greed knew no bounds. With the job of breaking through the defenses getting tougher, they aimed for the offensive by using their weapons like thousands of arrows. In response, the people of Mahaashanthala went back to escape them.
As the attack neared the people, they prayed for the almighty to show them a way. Off the dusty atmosphere, the devils started appearing clearly. They neared them and shouted “Athuraaa! Complete your duty. Why are you hiding?”
The people were shocked to hear the name of Athura from them. In a split second, Athura emerged from behind them, took a special sword that seemed to have been made specially for him, and raced towards the defenceless people. Uttama saw all this from a distance and rushed forward to save the people from him.
But as he was getting close, Athura threw the sword backwards towards the devil army with such a skill and power that it cut the throats of the commanders, went around for the heads of the marching soldiers and returned to the hand of Athura.
“Now my duty is complete”he shouted.
The devil army stood there in shock. They hadn't seen such level of skill from anyone and came towards Athura, with the remaining generals shouting: ”You traitor. You cheat your own people? The prophet will never forgive you. You will die a horrible death for going against us.” as the foot soldiers charged ahead, baying for his blood.
“I have found my people.” shouted Athura, pointing to the people of Mahaashanthala.


The above is just a small sample of one of the chapters and this particular piece is about the origins of Kattappa, his ancestors and most importantly how his extreme loyalty towards Maahishmati came into being).

Looking forward to share more info and snippets in the coming days.

Excerpt 2: Post-Kaalakeya War

In the aftermath of Kaalakeya being defeated, there is a larger challenge: To control the evil mind of Bijjaladeva and his son Bhallaladeva from playing games that could put the whole of kingdom in danger.
During the war against Kaalakeya, Kunthala kingdom wished that Kaalakeya is defeated, because if Kaalakeya wins, the next target would be Kunthala. And its whole population is not even as large as the strong and highly-inspired Maahishmathi army. Despite not going to the war, Kunthala used the time to sharpen its army’s skills, and one of the sharpest weapons is Devasena. Nayaka’s pride, Maahishmathi’s envy, Devasena has showcased her defensive and combative skills in sword fighting. Maahishmathi’s people saw her as a direct competitor to their loved king-to-be Baahubali.

One fine day, Shivagami called everyone to the palace to decide on the auspicious date for the cornation of Amarendra Baahubali as the king of Maahishmathi. Priests from several kingdoms made their way to the large environs of Maahishmathi. They were stunned to see the advanced architecture and the magnificent style of the kingdom and wished to stay there for some more time than just the few hours that they originally planned for! The large palaces, temples, wide pathways, strong horses, sharpest of weapons, and the huge elephants and energetic people made them stunned.

They entered the main courtyard of the palace where so many important decisions were made in the presence of Shivagami over the years.
“15 days from today there is a fantastic alignment of planets. That is the perfect time for coronation. Nothing can come close to it in the next 5 years!”
One of them interrupted: “But.”
Shivagami responded: “What but? Tell us”
“There is a danger lurking in the next few days. Amarendra needs to avoid mingling with outsiders, especially lower caste people or rival kingdoms during this time.”

There is a growing tendency in the kingdom to get influenced by the kings and segregate themselves based on castes. This split has resulted in a cold war of sorts.
During one of these days, Amarendra Baahubali was walking along the street, when he found something is wrong. He sensed something is wrong at the other side of the street.

A group of people were shouting with each other due to something serious. Amarendra queried them about the matter and found out that the issue is about letting some people from other caste to the largest temple of Maahishmati. He took an instant decision: There shall be no more distinction between the upper caste and lower caste.
To make his statement, he did something no other king-to-be woukd have done:
Washed the feet of the lower caste devotees with pure water and welcomed them.
The royal members who are in the temple were shocked when they saw this scene. They tried to take Baahubali away but in vain. He stood firm in his resolve.
On the staircase to take the lower caste to temple, he found the people very happy and they started seeing them as their hero.
Back in the palace, Bijjaladeva was furious. He warned Baahubali not to mingle with others because that is not only dangerous to his life according to the astrology, but also against the norms of the palace and the royal family.

But Baahubali kept calm and ignored him silently. Shivagami too kept a dignified silence.
Another chapter, this time on Shivagami, based on her characterization in the movie:

Excerpt 3: Introduction of Shivagami:

The day finally came:
Rudrayya has always been the quintessential free bird in terms of doing whatever he wants to do. On the deciding day, he was taken to Vaidehipuram where he witnessed
the people’s lifestyle. They too seemed to believe in dreams coming true. Rudrayya laughed off.
He was taken to the palace where there is a dedicated area for competitions.
The king finally arrived. Tall, well built and handsome, Rudrayya suddenly saw that the king also seemed to be built well and had more mass. The huge drums signalled the start of the competition.
Both of them started bravely with a huge thud of their thighs and skillfully outwitted each other repeatedly and it was almost impossible to tell who was having the upper hand.
“Actually this is to find the right groom for the kingdom. And my daughter Shivagami is ready for you. I knew no one would marry anyone from our family which is considered inauspicious and a harbinger of bad luck.” He paused.
He called the guards to bring in his daughter Shivagami. She is just a young girl, around 19 years. Out of her father’s urgency to marry off his daughter, Shivagami accepted it hesitantly. But her dreams are loftier than just finding a brave and heroic husband.
Rudrayya found this crazy and immediately replied:
“Is this a joke? I cannot do this. I cannot cheat my wife. I can never ever touch any other woman in my life, let alone marry her.”
The king replied: “Well, here we dont have the tradition of monogamy. If you dont accept the marriage, we are going to be losing our honor”
Shivagami kept calm. She didnt knew what to do. Rudrayya refused this offer, angering the king and ministers. Shivagami remained indifferent. She never wanted the marriage nor any kind of relationship at the moment, but she couldnt go against her father’s wish either.
So she chalked out a plan: “I want to talk to Rudrayya.” The court turned towards her when they heard her voice. Authoritative and confident for someone so young.
“Personally”. They were surprised further!
Rudrayya entered Shivagami’s private room. As Shivagami started to say something, there was a huge alarm in the palace, notifying an extreme emergency.
“Our kingdom has been attacked. Save yourselves” the announcer said to all the inmates of palace. The king has been given a special security but the body guards themselves sliced his back before he fought back with extreme injuries. He was brave and fought them off before falling down.
As Rudrayya was coming out and saw the king lying in a pool of blood, the king ordered him to take Shivagami to safer areas and look after her. “She is the only hope of Vaidehipuram. This is the only dream that I have. Go.” Shivagami shed tears upon seeing her father in a pool of blood, but promised him to remain with a strong will and
continue a legacy of justice that her father always believed in. She bid a teary farewell to her father by giving him a final hug. Still sensing danger behind them, Rudrayya rode the horse as swiftly as he can to take Shivagami to safety.
Across the waterfalls and rivers, he rode like an expert, protecting the young Shivagami and entered the kingdom of Maahishmathi. Shivagami looked around as everything seemed like a collection of moving images around her. Her fate took a sharp turn within a few hours and she couldnt believe it. Peeking out of her warm blanket, she saw the emblem of Maahishmathi for the first time in bright sunlight that is just jutting out of the morning sun. Rudrayya told the guards that he is bringing the princess of Vaidehipuram. Maahishmathi’s prince Vikramadeva welcomed Shivagami to the palace and ordered everyone to take care of her and treat her as a guest...

Excerpt 4: Shivagami and Kunthala's Destruction

When Shivagami entered the main courtyard, she saw complete destruction. Amidst it all, Devasena and her infant are struggling to escape a huge fire put up by the enemies.
Still Devasena was fighting against the fire, like a warrior, very similar to Rani Laxmi Bai, with her baby put tightly inside a cloth tied to her back. In a huge blast that broke apart the palace, Bhalla thought that Devasena and her baby were burnt to death. Nayaka left the palace much earlier to fight the enemies and left his body guards to
take care of Devasena, but they were killed by Maahishmati’s soldiers on the orders of Bhalla. With no one to help her, Devasena valiantly fought on her own and killed most of the enemies who were attacking her right inside her room. After the huge explosion, it turned out to be too difficult to find a way out. But luckily for her, in the dense smoke, Shivagami appeared, surprising Devasena and rescued her, taking her baby in her arms. She is happy that her mother-in-law has come to rescue her, but Devasena, feeling very weak, collapsed on the way when they crossed the boundary of the palace where there was no one. Shivagami tried to wake her up, but to no avail. With some of Maahishmati’s soldiers chasing her from far away, and left with no other option, she ordered Kattappa to look after her as she carried the baby away from the prying eyes of the enemies, disappearing in the dark of the woods. No one else saw her again.
Kattappa gently took his daughter in his arms and with tears in his eyes, carried her to a safe place.
“Can I ever tell you the fact? It is my fate. My bad fate that I have to see you in this situation” Kattappa silently talked to himself.
On getting her conscience back, Devasena felt that Kattappa is trying to capture her and tried to fight him. Devasena knows nothing about the truth about her and Kattappa and fears that he may kill her too on the orders of Bhalla. Unable to convince her that he is trying to protect her and also not in a position to tell the truth, a war of words happen between the two and finally Kattappa had to leave the place as Devasena went her own way into the woods, trying to keep distance from Maahishmati’s soldiers.
But some of Bhalla’s forces spot Devasena in some plains of Kunthala’s forest. Bhalla order them to tie her in iron chains and bring her to Maahishmati palace.
Back at Maahishmati, Bhalla wanted Kattappa himself to tie the chains on Devasena and tie her at the main city square.
With no other option than to obey Bhallaladeva’s orders, Kattappa kept low and waited for an opportunity to release Devasena from all the humiliation and imprisonment.
A couple of weeks passed by during which the people were trying to cope with the huge destruction. In Kunthala, Nayaka and some of his staunch followers, who escaped that dreadful night of massacre, await their moment to strike back at Maahishmati, which plays like mute spectator as their queen suffers humiliation at the hands of Bhallaladeva.
Devasena lives in an illusionary state of mind and always waiting for her son to rescue her from Maahishmati. She wants to see Bhallaladeva’s heart, blood, and everything to be burnt on a pyre that she was preparing for the past several years and reveals the same to Kattappa after she realises that he is trying to release her in many ways, officially or unofficially.

Bhalla, in a few weeks, married a trader’s daughter and within a year turned into a proud father of a son named Bhadra. Unfortunately, Bhadra’s mother died soon due to delivery complications. A heartbroken Bhalla took refuge in hundreds of concubines in his personal hall inside the palace and lead a luxurious life at the cost of people’s lives who were heavily taxed and discriminated based on their caste, color and gender too.

For more of the above story, check out the ebook here!

Thank you all for your love towards the book at Amazon(ebook as well as paperback). It give me immense pleasure when people support good work and it works like an energy booster to write more books in the future..

With love.. Anil

October 30, 2016


When the enemy gives an evil eye,
When the terrorists were given a grand sendoff,
When the attacks cross all levels of tolerance,
The boiling blood gushes out after the surgical strike,
And the heart screams Bharat mata ki jai.

When millions of miles away the jawans wake up,
When the separation from near and dear ones pain the bravehearts,
The heart sends out the best wishes to our real heroes,
And feel like sending a tweet and sweet this Diwali.

When their toes pain with endless movement,
When their eyes burn out of sleepless nights of vigil,
When their stomachs experience hunger pangs,
When their limbs give cramps out of exhaustion,
I feel like touching their feet and just say,
"We are here for you.."

When the chilling environs take all their energy,
When the burning sun roasts your fluids,
When the ammunition flumes asphyxiate the bravehearts,
Thoughts flow out making me think:
"What level of wishes can make their lives a little comfort?"
And my Sandesh2Soldiers goes out.

-Anil Kumar Reddy.

January 18, 2016

iDonkey goes live!

After several months of delay, the book finally is live and not to mention the excitement that it gave me during the uploading and review process.
Not the first e-book, but yes, the first book to be created with long-term dedication. Of course it is open for review by anyone, but this is a first small step towards more books on varied topics or genres.

Feel free to check it out if you like it. Below is the link to the book:

With love.. Anil

October 04, 2015

Breaking the barriers of resistance..

Despite all your efforts, there will be something in life that keeps on stopping you, halting you, and also putting you down from achieving greater heights. And that is called "homeostatic balance" of the mind. We seem to compromise on everything, everywhere to just let the day pass away without looking at what that means for the future ahead. I remember the term being told at a training session by a great person, but the real life scenario came across recently and I had to make a choice.
And that choice is continuous dedication towards a long term goal. Never mind the smaller obstacles that come in the way, there is something that pulls me from the homeostatic balance.
Such are the vagaries of life that despite your best efforts, some things take longer to take shape compared to others.
Finding time to fix upon a strong story and build characters into it or rather onto it is not an easy task and it can take weeks, months or even years to get a solid foundation of writing books.
So the process is going on slowly but surely.
Off to a late night sleep!

With love.. Anil

September 16, 2015

16sep2015, wed: A day of immense challenges and a new outlook towards writing

Never mind the challenges in life, there will always be times when you ought to take that extra leap forward to go to the next level. And today is one such day for me in many ways.
First, the aim got clearer and there is a renewed energy that seems to put lots of emphasis on what it takes to achieve success:
Is it mere brownie points from the ones who sit above you?
Is it just the figures on the home page that you are presented with when you log in to your bank account?
Is it the unknown appreciation that you get from your real inner self when you start analyzing the day that went past?

I am sure that it is the thrid one by far and the best!
And what is that which I love inside the depest confines of the mind?
It is writing! Writing about anything that crosses my mind. Anything that strikes a moment of amazement. Anything that seems like poetry to me. Sometimes I feel what is life without poetry?
How would life look without poetic visuals, poetic sounds and poetic words? Damn boring!
So that is what I loved more about today: It is not that I took up some challenge in something that doesnt touch my heart, but that fact that there is a renewed vigour to complete something that I have been doing for the past few months: Writing a book.
Having already written a small, tiny book of poems, today I would like to update the book with new poem that goes by the title: "Blue is Wohoo!" at the below link for my #WorldOfPoems:

World of Poems

And I hope to complete the new book, which is in the genre of fantasy/fiction/satire soon and publish it online for the world!

With love.. Anil

June 04, 2015

Most probable story of #Baahubali based on its #bahubalitrailer and wallpapers

Most probable story of Baahubali based on the trailer can be written thus:
A young kid Shivudu grows up into a handsome youth in beautiful jungles in a fictitious land and one fine day he catches spots a gorgeous angel-like lady Avantika and attracted by her beauty runs behind her, only to be trapped by some unknown gang of a big, oppressive kingdom. There he witnesses slavery and tries to escape from them, fighting the guards and releasing few of his inmates in the process.
When he finally asks one of them who he is and what his identity is, he is told the story of his father "amarendra baahubali", who is a ferocious fighter and a king of a large empire. His wife Devasena(Anushka) is also a fighter and due to a conspiracy by the evil Bijjaladeva(played by Nasser in a role similar to shakuni) and Shivagami(played by Ramya Krishna, inspired by Kaikeyi or Gandhari) to capture the kingdom and make Bhallaladeva(Rana) the king, baahubali is eliminated(either alive somewhere due to being saved by his loyal minister Katappa or killed) and Devasena is put in prison as a prisoner of war. But before Devasena is captured, she gives birth to a son and she keeps the baby safe by secretly swimming across a river, keeping the baby afloat. This baby grows up into Shivudu.
Now, this could form the first part of baahubali, whereas the second part could explore more about Devasena, what happens to her and her son Shivudu and how they take revenge against Bhallala deva and co.
A bigger question is also about the mystery about Avantika and who exactly is she, which could be explored in the first half. There could also be a strong link of Shivudu and the story with the Shivalingam. It could be the Shiva lingam which might have saved the new-born Shivudu.

With love.. Anil